Sunday, January 18, 2009


penelope is 6 months old today!
she is such a wonderful baby. she is adventurous...always finding a way to get to the things that she wants (usually by rolling...or flopping around). her favorite things are fabric, paper, peachs, da da da da, bryan, crossing her feet, sitting up, standing up (very supported), blowing bubbles with her spit, being swadled by bryan (she looks a lot like a little enchilada, and water. she has been a wonderful baby! penelope we love you!
peneolope lets her personality shine in her 6mo photo shoot

we made her an imprint of her cute little handprint (semi-successful)

we had her 6 month check up at the doctor's poor penelope had to get shots!!! SAD! but we got to go out to lunch with grandpa, and that was fun. yes that is milk coming out of her mouth.

so she was
15.9lbs--49th percentile
25 inches tall--60th percentile
and her head was 16.5 in around (i think)---39th percentile

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