Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Summer things I

 I have been slow with the blogging lately. Summer has taken its hold on us and our schedule and we have been busy having fun. Here is a list of summer things that we have been up to. I will endeavor to try to be more punctual, so that these things don't pile up, but i don't want us expecting too much of me.

1. Swimming. p has been in swimming class. She is now swimming independently over short distances and is overly confident about her new skills... Isla is scared of the water, but she will stand on the steps and hold onto the side or the rail and jump up and down.

2. Roller derby. For my B-day I went to the Rat City Rollergirls.  It was loads of fun and I am hoping to make this a more regular event for the Sparks fam.
 3. Da Beach. We have to take advantage of all the lovely lakes in the area. The kids loved to go to the beach when we lived in SD, so it is nice that we can still get our fill of sand, sun (usually) and water.

 2. Berry Picking. We picked raspberries last week. Penelope was a great helper and isla mostly just ate the berries and collected treasures (flowers and sticks mostly). We made jam, froze berries and still had plenty to snack on. YUM!

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  1. Oh, the raspberries... that sounds so heavenly right now!!

    It looks like you're having a fun summer. Keep up the good work!! ;-)


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