Monday, January 9, 2012

isla is 8 months

isla is 8 months! gasp! i just think she's the bees knees.

this month  she...

-is quite the chatter box. she says, "ma ma ma ma" and "ba ba ba ba." it is so fun.
-she responds to her own name
-she is very stable in sitting position and on her tummy she can lift her torso off the ground.
-she's a very calm and happy baby.
-she is ticklish on her neck, back and tummy.
-her laughs are so cute they sound a little like grunting.
-she is eating cheerios and a lot of different foods.
-and she, now, can drink from a bottle. hallelujah!
-she is still sporting two teeth, i think her eyes are hazel and her hair is getting a bit thicker.
-we are loving watching this chick grow everyday. she is learning so much.

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