Tuesday, January 10, 2012

christmas pictures

well, we've been back from our christmas trip for a week now and i figured it was about time to blog a bit about it.  i am a little bummed that we didn't get any snow while we were in utah. there was, however, plenty of cold and i welcome the sun! now we just need to get everybody sleeping normally and we will be good to go.

our trip was a lot of fun. we got to spend time with my side and bryan's side of our family. penelope loves to visit her grandparents and leaving is always super sad. 

things we did: bowled, opened many gifts, ate out, ate in, ate sweets, saw sherlock holmes & tin tin (penelope was in on this one), read christmas stories, went shopping, played games, saw pretty lights, played family feud on iphone, watched prison break, visited family, played with cousins, didn't sleep (go team isla, go), went to church, went to party, read many books.

photo dump:

christmas eve with the traditional christmas pjs

my girls ready for church on christmas day

 at our family christmas partay!

 bowling with the sparks

 cousins and some old people too.
hill aerospace museum with grandma and grandpa sparks

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