Monday, June 27, 2011

scenes from the weekend

 we had friends over for dinner on friday. i made this and this and this for dinner. we turned the leftover lettuce, beans, guac, pico and shredded chicken into a salad for sunday dinner. i LOVE meals that can be easily used twice. 

and i made delicious (not trying to brag, but they were SO good) chocolate cupcakes with fresh raspberry buttercream.


3 sticks of butter (did i mention it's a buttercream recipe?)
3/4 c. fresh raspberries

blend the above 2 ingredients until light and fluffy

2T heavy whipping cream
1 lb powdered sugar...i actually put 1lb minus 1/2 cup

whip up some more and eat! mmm!

penelope spent a lot of time in her slippers that i knitted her and her snow hat. 
did i mention that she is dressing herself? so...her shirt is ALWAYS on backwards and inside out and she usually goes for a skirt or dress that can "spin."

isla was just fun to watch.

 the making for the queen bee market commenced. oh boy!
 i wore my new sandles and took a picture of me in my bathroom

 and bryan played his submarine computer game. note the snow hat...
 we spent most of our weekend relaxing and having good family time. happy face. i did go have one last girls night with tira before she moved out of my life to boston. sad face.

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  1. That frosting is making me drool. I'm making cupcakes tonight for sure!!


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