Tuesday, June 7, 2011

isla may's blessing day

bryan blessed isla may on sunday. it was beautiful. she was a very good little lady and it made the experience that much better. we blessed her in my blessing dress circa 1984, and therefore, it is vintage (we're cool like that.)
me and my mini
staring contest
 here's my cute lil' family

and i had to make her a little something, so i whipped these little booties up. i am planning on posting the pattern for them in a day or two.

with grandma and grandpa white. the untied ties on her little booties are blowing in the wind...lovely.

and after we ate many good things... here's my girl really enjoying a marshmallow brownie (remind me why i made marshmallow brownies...from this view it doesn't look like a great plan.)

it was a great day. the only thing that would have made it better would be having bryan's parents there too.



  1. I really should comment on the wonderful spiritual nature of the day, or on how sweet your babe looks, but all I want to know is HOW TO MAKE THOSE BROWNIES.


  2. she looks just like bryan!!! how cute!


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