Friday, May 13, 2011

we love isla may

isla may sparks

one week ago today this little lady was born and we just can't get enough of her. 

here is some of the birth & baby info for your reading pleasure...or not, if you don't get pleasure from reading about the miracle of birth.

-labor: 5 1/2 hrs long (13 hours shorter than labor with p,) 11 min. of pushing

-cuisine: 1 pitcher of water and ate 2 cups of ice chips

-t.v. shows watched: scrubs, malcom in the middle, the colbert report, american choppers (building a bike for my name is earl)

-l&d nurse count: 2

-time of birth: 8:21pm

-weight: 8lb 2oz (almost 1lb bigger than her sister. side note: the recovery from an 8lb baby is significantly harder than recovering from a 7lb baby...just sayin'.)

-length: 20 in. long

-tears shed: yes and yes

-nights in the hospital: 2

-mom and baby inspections while in the hospital: 1.1 million

-name: we had a really hard time picking a name for this little lady. we had two names that we really liked going into the hospital and we are just about the worst at making decisions, so it makes these important decisions very hard. we picked one name and called her that for a day and then we decided isla suited her better. isla is pronounced eye-la, if you were questioning that. think island, that is what her name means.

we gave her may as a middle name. may is my middle name and it was also the middle name of my grandfather who passed away just over a month ago AND she is a may baby, so it seemed an appropriate middle name to give our little girl.

-baby's favorite pass time: eating (at her five day check up she'd already gotten back to her birth weight and added an extra 7 oz-whoa baby,) sleeping & pooping. also, she likes to play with her tongue and make cute shapes with her mouth.

she is a very peaceful and sweet baby, we feel so blessed to have her in our family. 
thank you for all the love that you guys have sent our way throughout this pregnancy. you are the best!

here are some pictures from the hospital:



and when we got home, we had the girls wear their first matching pjs (i don't foresee matching their clothes super often...but these jammies were just too cute.)

sister love


  1. How beautiful and sweet! Congratulations!!
    ~Emily S.

  2. oh my word! what a blessing to your family!!! i actually have tears in my eyes. the miracle of birth is ALWAYS amazing.

    i know about big babies and long recoveries. just let yourself heal, no rush. all you need to do is lounge around feeding you and isla. think elephant seal. :)

    p.s. i love the name isla may! so sweet, so feminine, so like paradise.

  3. Did you get those jammies at Costco? Adelia has some too (not the same print, but same kind), I love them. She is such a beautiful baby. I can't wait to meet her. Congratulations to you guys.

  4. congrats! she's a doll.
    love the pictures!

  5. LOVE her name, Emily!! It's really beautiful.

    And do I detect a bit of Grandpa White's cleft chin? SO cute!!!


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