Thursday, May 5, 2011

miss p

hey guys, i apologise for the silence over here. i wish it was because i was doing somethig super cool-like having a baby, but i wasn't. i have just been very lazy. we have, however, been taking advantage of the lovely san diego weather at the beach, park and sea world. these have helped keep my mind off the fact that this baby girl isn't really wanting to come out just yet.

ANYWAY, i am taking a break from my laziness to show you something super cute that i couldn't keep from you one more day! mariah took these 3 year pictures of miss p. she did such a great job and i am excited for her to take more pictures of my family in the future. check out her blog here and her website here.





  1. I am madly in love with this photos!!!!! penny is such a charmer

  2. I was SURE baby girl #2 was here!!! Well, any day now. These pictures are absolutely adorable. LOVE the one with her little glasses. She has so much personality!

  3. What a beautiful little lady she is!! She's getting so big, too!

  4. The photo of p with her blue loverheart sunglasses is TOOOOOO cute, adorable!


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