Tuesday, March 8, 2011

i quilt

here is the finished baby quilt that i made for baby sparks! if is my first quilt that i acually hand quilted and hand bound. i really liked the process. it was good for me to start with a crib sized quilt, because i may have gotten a bit overwhelmed with a twin or larger. i am wishing that i'd done penelope's quilt this way. i guess i can always go back and re quilt/bind her quilt...ha ha. 

i used the pattern out of Anna Maria Horner's Handmade Beginnings

i ordered most of my fabrics on etsy in 1/2 yard incriments. i used some fabrics that i already had. 

i hand quilted using DMC pearl cotton thread in size 5. so, it was pretty thick and easy to use for a first quilting experience. i am also REALLY liking the bold stitching it created. 

here is a little shot of the crib. we have a small (portable size) crib and it fits well in penelope's room. i am so excited to get pictures of the whole room once i finish a few more projects and organize my work space (the back portion of the room.)


  1. that is beautiful! you are so inspiring!!

  2. oh.my.word. beautiful. i like the dark blue splashes, and the warm orange. you're baby is already soooo loved!


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