Monday, March 14, 2011

32 weeks and all's well

here i am at 32 weeks. the last couple of weeks have left me feeling extremely...well...pregnant. i can tell this little girl is getting big and cramped in her surroundings. 

lately i feel like i am done parenting penelope at 6pm...which would be fine if bryan were around, but he's not. i am seriously considering moving bedtime to 6... what do you think? she is, however, very useful for picking up things i drop on the ground. 

at my last appointment with dr. b everything looked good. i had my blood taken and i passed out...which is a first for me. all the blood results came back withing "normal" range, so i am super happy about that. i have an appointment this week,  i am excited to see the progress.

penelope is gearing up to be a big sister. she will be a great big sister. she's decided that we should name the baby daphne (like from scooby doo.) she's also told me she wants to give the baby a red bear when she's born, so i started working on a red teddy. 

the view from above... 
p requested a picture of her riding her horsee.



  1. Well, you can still see your feet! That's good!! And I know you don't feel great, but you LOOK great!! Hang in there!

  2. Daphne is cute, is that a for real option? What are the options? She's almost here, so exciting!

  3. you look so beautiful.... i'm a lucky guy.... :)

  4. You could not look any cuter! What a great Momma. I'm catching up on posts and am just in love with the little mobile you made. I will have to bookmark that in case we ever have a baby girl. 32 weeks is getting so close. Hang in there!


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