Monday, January 25, 2010

to the sea

we went to the little italy farmers market on saturday! it was super packed and there were a lot of great vendors. this is a really beautiful part of san diego and i will definitely head back there another day. we also hit up the farmers market in del mar. it was much more sparce....but there were some great things there as well. we walked along the coast in del mar and enjoyed the sun and fresh breeze. it was raining all week and so it was such a blessing to have saturday be so amazingly nice!

penelope collected many, seed pods, more rocks. she also ran! boy does this girl love to RUN!

it was a happy day!



  1. How fun! Penelope is so adorable:) I love your gloves too!

  2. Penny is a doll. I smile EVERY time I see her!!


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