Wednesday, August 5, 2009


2 of our current favorites crumbs and friendly's---mmmmm!

dear bryan,

happy birthday! 26 big ones-WOW how OLD!

i love watching funny indie movies with you! i love watching saturday morning cartoons with you. i love dancing with you, playing racquet ball with you, running with you, critiquing art and design with you. i love scratching your back and cuddling with you. i love going on adventures with you (big and small ones alike.) i love eating cupcakes with you. i love taking pictures of you. i love going on sunday strolls with you. i love talking like mitch hedberg with you. i love long boarding with you, i love listening to you play your guitar, i love holidays & weekends with you. i love reading readymade with you and teaching sunday school with you and taking naps with you. i just love you!




  1. Hey they look great hopefully Bryan got our card. then you can have some more. Miss you guys can't wait for you to get back. Give Penny a hug for us love ya

  2. you guys are so cute! Keep loving everything and life will always be soooo good.


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