Monday, August 3, 2009

the great coney island

we made our way down to coney island on saturday with my friend jess. it was jess' last saturday in nyc, so we had to go to the beach. it was a beautiful day to go to the beach and see the sights, which has been rare lately with all the rain. penelope was a very good girl on the subway. we met a couple of very interesting and talkative people on our ride. once we got there we looked around at the amusement park and the flea markets (the festival by the sea.) we got a hot dog and went to the beach. oh how i love the beach. penelope didn't like the water of the sand when we first got there. by the end of our day she was practically rolling in the sand and laughing when the waves would hit us while we were wading. i got ALL the way in the water and it felt great! it was a good day.
us (excuse the whiteness...this is our first swimming trip of the summer)

me and jess (goodbye jess i will see you back in UT)

oh, and here is a pic of penelope's latest runway show. basically she brings what she wants to wear to bryan and he helps her put it on...


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  1. Penny is so cute! Looks like you guys are having a lot of fun.


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