Friday, March 13, 2009

penelope is 11 months...and a week

penelope turned 11 months last week. i've been a little bad at blogging, but i thought i'd catch you up on her even though it's late. penelope is getting so big. i'm loving every minute of being her mom. some of the funny things she's been up to are:

1 cheese smile: she's hade a cheesy smile for a while, but the last month she's really kicked it up a gear (as demonstrated by the above pictures.) she also laughs at people randomly ...if she's having fun, or is happy she'll give you a cheeser and then laugh.
2 dressing herself: she loves to put things on! i think it's hilarious, because she really can't do anything but put things around her i was working on something and i looked at her and she had her pants, my scarf, my necklace, her necklace and a stuffed frog i'm crocheting (attached to the ball of yarn) all around her neck. FUNNY!
3 standing & walking (sort of): she can stand solo for quite a while (5min+) now and she can take 5-6 steps, but usually doesn't like to.
4 reading books: when i read penny a book she reads and turns the pages too. it's a loud ordeal.
5 singing & dancing: when she hears music, wherever we are she will sing along and dance, which is head banging. it's just funny.

anyway, she is easily distracted, very active and loves to be with people.

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