Friday, March 13, 2009

our new old stuff

about a month ago we went up to roy and spent the night at tanya & nelson's house. it was a bunch of fun. we went antiquing & to a military surplus store. while antiquing i got penelope some crayons, circa 1958, for her bedroom. i thought the box was pretty cool, it comes complete with a SHARPENER! the set is mildly used, but complete and none of the crayons have been sharpened yet!
we also found a new camera to add to our little camera collection. bry and i have wanted a brownie for a while and we found one for a great price. it came with a flash, flashbulbs, 1 expired roll of film and the camera itself. we are excited to use it. i think i'll bust it out for penelope's one year bday!
here are our polaroids:

this one is the polaroid sx70. bryan's dad got this for his graduation...i think. he was nice enough to gift it to us. we are in the process of getting some film for it. poloroid stopped making it, but there is one manufacturer still.

and this one is the poloroid 363 supercolor. it takes the standard 600 film.

i also have a holga...which i think is broken, because the last few pictured i've taken with it haven't turned out. so, the next camera i would like to get is a pentax k1000. i used this camera in high school and in london in '05. my dad has been generous to let me use his, but i really would like one for myself:)

at the army surplus store i picked up some scrap leather... here's a peek of one of my projects for p's birthday.
if they turn out well, i will do a tutorial. i'm working on a couple of free patterns to post...hopefully i can get them up on the blog soon.

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