Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Isla (and penny to a lesser degree) is OBSESSED with the motion picture Frozen. Isla is now being asked to be called Princess Elsa. She dances around singing "Let it Go" and she has MEMORIZED the choreography from the music video. She also likes to wear her "Elsa Dress"(any of our fancier looking dress-op dresses) and "dancing shoes" (any of our plastic dress-up heels) while doing her "Let it go dance." It is all too cute. We saw Frozen in theaters on Thanksgiving and we have been growing more and more enamored with the flick everyday since... So right now, we have a lot of Frozen happening at our house. While my parent and sister were in town they took Penny and Isla to see it again and that was better that christmas. Isla calls it, "The BIG Frozen." Anyway, it is cute and a little obnoxious.


  1. Adorable. Wells kept singing "do you want to build a snowman?"so I downloaded the soundtrack and it's been playing nonstop for over three hours now...

  2. We love the recording Megan made of Isla, singing and dancing to 'Let It Go' !! We loved seeing the constant change of costumes too, so fun!


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