Tuesday, January 22, 2013

christmas pictures

Oh, hello old friend. i bet you thought i'd abandoned you. alas, i am back to remind you that you are loved and i will now assault you with pictures that are roughly one month old and vauge promises that i'll never leave you alone again.

we went to utah for christmas. it was cold. also, it snowed.
the girls wore dresses with golden shoes.
it snowed more.
we unopened one present on christmas eve. can you tell what said present was?
isla has brown eyes.
santa heard penelope's pleas for a barbie and has since regretted giving p this brave doll. can you say,"gateway barbie"?

we went to family parties and there was much rejoicing.
we had a lovely holidays. did i say it was cold?

now for the vague promises. dearest blog, i promise i'll try really hard to blog a little more often, maybe. 

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