Monday, September 24, 2012

yarn wrapped

did you have a good weekend? i did. i spoke in church, which is an experience i honestly would be fine not having... i made it out alive. we had lunch on sunday with our friends austin & laura. it was super delish. we went to zeeks pizza. the salad and the pizza all got top scores from me and i am picky about my pizza. for dessert we went to top pot. it was their grand opening in redmond, so the selection was low, but we loved this place. good food, good friends two, two of my favorite things.

i wrapped some letters that i bought at jo-ann's a while back. i just used some scrap cotton yarn i had laying around. i think they turned out. cute. i know that the "EAT" sign is everywhere these days, but i don't care. i like it. i bought a wreath form to make a fall wreath. i WAS going to yarn wrap that as well, but i think i might be going a little overboard. i make a bunch of yarn pom poms and glue them to the wreath form will people think i'm a yarn freak? i guess i kind of am...


  1. I am so out of it...I haven't really seen much of the yarn wrapping, but I really like it! Do you glue the yarn down?

    I always love all the crafty things you do. You are so clever and cute!!!

  2. Super cute! I love your wall arrangement as well! Yarn, would be a word I would us to describe you. You're very talented in the yarn department.


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