Monday, April 9, 2012

penelope is 4!

we have a lot of catching up around here. things have been crazy and i have put blogging on the back burner. i have a secret that i will share in a few days, hopefully, that will clarify why i've been so...absent.
on saturday we celebrated my girls 4th birthday. it really doesn't feel that long ago my little p was a baby in my arms. alas, the time has gone by and i find myself with a sweet, smart and beautiful four year-old. wow!


bryan and i decorated with streamers and this banner i made a couple of weeks ago.
p really wanted these hats, because they were like the one that mr. bean wears on his teddy bears birthday. yes, we do watch mr. bean with p and she loves it. we also ate a yummy blueberry muffin birthday breakfast.
we went to our wards easter egg hunt in the morning. justin and anna met us there. 

after that party we went on to our own little party. p opened her gifts, we played games and went to the park. it was a really nice afternoon.
penelope really wanted to go to ikea for dinner (she's obsessed with the meatballs?!?). after dinner we went home for some strawberry cake. ps i am loving that strawberry season is starting!

 happy birthday penelope!


  1. She is so cute! Happy Birthday Penelope!

  2. WHAT??? She is FOUR???!!! Man, that was fast.

    The cake is beautiful--I like the idea of putting her initial on it. I'll have to try that!


    (Oh, and p.s.--right this minute I am eating a delicious peanut butter bar. Thanks for the excellent recipe!!!!)

  3. She's so cute. Love her. Happy Birthday P! (We put a card in the mail on Saturday, I know late, but hopefully it gets there soon.)

  4. AHHHH!! She's adorable!! Happy birthday Penny!

  5. Oh happy birthday penny!! Also I am very intrigued by this secret...


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