Wednesday, December 16, 2009

moving to sandiego

bryan graduates in a couple of days!!! wahoo. he was offered a sweet job at kyocera wireless in san diego and we decided to accept! so, we took a trip out to california to find a place to live. finding an apartment in san diego is considerably easier than finding one in NYC. we found a great apartment and we will head down on the 30th! i will really miss provo and being close to family, but we are excited for this adventure!

here are some pics from our apartment searching trip...we didn't get any of our new digs, but i will post those once we move.

bryan's new place of employment

on a pier

still on the pier..we chose a terrible week to go to was rainy and cold, but we still rocked it!



  1. Congratulations again! Sorry, but I have to say it - if you get tired of high $$$ living, come work in Houston. 4th largest city in the USA and fantastic housing prices.

  2. We'll miss you guys! But it's AWESOME that Brian got a job so quick!! What a blessing. Plus, I think you will be amazing in California!! XOXOXO


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