Sunday, September 13, 2009

i heart fridays: spark

if you live in provo you seriously can't pass up the chance to dine at spark. it is the best food, everything tastes AMAZING and the greatest thing is that it is local.

their chef prepares a new meal (not on the regular menu) everyday for the chef's lunch special. the lunch special includes an appetizer, entree and dessert AND it is only $10. bryan and i thought we would check it out. the meal was... fennel celery soup as an appetizer, mojo marinated flank steak, chipotle mashed potatoes, avocado-lime puree with pea tendrils as an entree, and cantaloupe sorbet for dessert. mmmmmmmmmmmMMMMMM! my mouth is watering right now and i may need to go back. we tried it and we loved it and of course we ordered our usual mojito for me and a lychee martini for bryan.

i really really like this place, if you go you will too!


  1. Mental note for when I'm in Provo again!

  2. Thanks for posting about us!
    Can't wait to have you back!


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