Tuesday, April 7, 2009

happy 1st birthday

penelope jane sparks | born april 7th, 2008

we're going to extend penelope's birthday celebrations all week, but today is the big day! i can't believe my little girl is 1! today we went to the doctor. she weighs 2o lb 1 oz (30th percentile), so we can turn the car seat the front-facing way. she is 29.6 in tall (70th percentile). we have just loved having p in our house! she is a lot of fun.
this just in...she walks. she took her first steps a couple of months ago, but up until a week or so ago she's been a little nervous about walking unsupervised. she's got 4 of her top teeth coming in. she likes to hold the phone on her shoulder and talk...super cute.


and now!

she's always liked sticking out her tongue

sittin' on the curb with new birthday car

this is a dress i made for her birthday from a simplicity pattern #3808

showing off her walking skills in the wind!


every birthday girl needs a new dress.

i made the above dress from a pattern in amy butler's book, little stitches . i really love this book! i have many things i still want to make. penelope's coat was loosely based off of a pattern in that book, her shoes are in that book, as were her kimono pj's
and her v-necked shirt/dress. so i've had a lot of fun with the book and would HIGHLY recommend it for a seemstress of any level.

happy birthday penelope!!!


  1. wow you raised one good lookin kid hahaha shes the best to have as a neice

  2. Holy Cow - doesn't one year go by in a flash?! I love reading your blog because it always inspires me to make something! Well, at least start something. It's the finishing I struggle with! Happy Birthday Penny!

  3. I love your dresses that you sewed. You're so talented!


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