Sunday, February 1, 2009

25 random things

this is going around facebook...i decided to go ahead and do it!

1. i don't like talking on the phone
2. i graduated 1 year ago with a bfa in studio arts with an emphasis in printmaking
3. i love japanese woodblock prints
5. i really like to make things...almost anything
6. i love orange & green
7. macs are the only way to go
8. here's the order of things i like to make 1. prints & collage, 2. crochet & sewing, 3. graphic arts, 4. photography, 5. jewelery
9. i like to watch tv
10. i'm running my 3rd half marathon next month
11. i have a wonderful
12. i have a beautiful daughter...penelope jane
13. i like being with family
14. i teach 9-year-olds at church
15. i lick my lips too much...they are always drying out
16. arrested development is my favorite tv show and probably always will be
17. i like transcendental literature
18. i have a very long tongue
19. my favorite band right now it french and i don't understand 1 word of her lyrics...they are coeur de pirate....pirate baby pirate
20. bryan's creativity inspires me
21. etsy! i have an etsy shop where i try to sell stuff....etsy could be my favorite place. i also get inspired by the creativity on display there.
22. i love traveling
23. i love to laugh
24. i like provo, but i'm ready to leave
25. i think i'd like to teach a yoga class in the future

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  1. So if you teach a yoga class, let me know. I want to do it. I lost ALL my flexibility since I stopped dancing. I'm so stiff. Anyway, that would be awesome.


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